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The Business

Established in 2004 we specialize in filling or changing a space for beauty and functionality. As a general contracting operation we have electricians, plumbers, painters, flooring specialists and anyone you may need to complete your project. From a ground up built home or garage to a kitchen, bath or basement remodel we can do it all. We work on apartments to multi-million dollar homes.

Please give us a call 603.502.1840

Have a Great Day!


My Name is Jeffrey Hatch owner of Build Remodel Repair, LLC.. I am life-long resident of the Seacoast of NH. With passion for building in my blood, I love this job. From building forts and tree houses as a kid, to building metal products for twenty years with my dad and today creating beautiful spaces for families.

My family is my driving force to making everything right.

Have a wonderful day.

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